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Wild Times Slot

Barcrest, the software provider providing classic fruit machines in British pubs for over thirty years, is now a specialist in classic fruit machines at online casino sites.

Wild Times may seem like the same old three-reel fruit machine, but Barcrest has tweaked it to add excitement and fun.

While Wild Times is a visually stunning game, it could easily rest on its laurels. Fortunately for us, the game has a lot more to offer. Multiplying wilds, winning both ways, and re-imagined Barcrest’s Big Bet feature are all added to the fun.


The fruit theme is a classic, but has it been overdone? Slot machine features, graphics, and audio effects are constantly changing. A game that was popular ten years ago can feel dated and stale today.

Wild Times is based on this concept and provides a new level of graphics for Barcrest. The colors are deep and vibrant. This is a level above classic titles such as Wild Knights. We recently saw this with Black Magic Fruits, but that slot still falls short of Wild Times.The game resembles a Vegas-style video slot than a three-reel fruit machine. Oh, and speaking of casino slots, there are now animated sequences of big wins. Although this game may not be revolutionary, it would improve playability if the graphics and audio were updated.


The big bet is usually used to affect the RTP of these games, but the way this feature is implemented here is clever, making the game an “anyways pay” machine.

The fixed wild symbols still exist, but now they have a new bonus feature: a spinning wheel. When a wild character lands, it will offer random multipliers of 5/6/8/10x. If you light more than one, these multipliers can stack. This adds a lot of excitement to a fixed wild symbol.


Ready for a wild ride?