Betfair created the Punta e Banca Betting Exchange in 2000. Their birth was a remarkable event because the odds weren’t to be decided solely by bookmakers. You don’t have to know the term, but this Betting Exchange guide will help you get started betting in Italy in back-to-back mode on the best sports betting website. Guest Posting Betfair created a new method of placing bets in 2000. Players can take over the role of the bookmaker and offer their odds on sporting events.

The Betting Exchange was thus born. You don’t have to know the term, but this Betting Exchange guide will help you get started in the back-to-back mode on the best sports betting website in Italy.

What is Punta e Banca?

Betfair was the first to offer betting exchange bets in 2000. Their birth was a remarkable event because the odds weren’t decided solely by bookmakers.

Betfair wanted bettors to have greater freedom, including the ability to offer odds on sporting events. The odds are generated through meeting demand and supply and, therefore, by the law and market. This allows participants to assume the role of the bookmaker.

The Betting Exchange was also known as Back and Lay bets from the beginning. In Italian, it is called Punta e Banca. Let’s begin by reviewing the basic terms and phrases used to describe the back-and-forth betting method.

Bet (or back): Very identical to the traditional wager, the player chooses the odds of the sporting event that interests him from a column (usually in light blue or blue) and then bets money on the likelihood that the event will occur. Bank (or Lay: The player plays the role of a bookmaker. He selects the odds he wants to offer for a specific sporting event from a column, usually in pink or orange.

Cash Out: Literally, this means to collect. It is a way to withdraw winnings from the bet or bank and can also help you limit losses.

Liquidity: The amount of money on a Betting Exchange Market. It is the sum of the betting propositions (stakes, bankings) for each option waiting to be matched. Liquidity means that there is plenty of money per share. This will give more choices for those who bet and banks, and the odds of winning will be similar. Low liquidity can lead to a narrow range of odds that are very far apart. The market will offer more odds if there is greater liquidity (i.e., players who have made money betting on opposite outcomes to ours).

Commissions: This is a percentage from back and bank bets that the Betting Exchange platforms withhold as compensation for providing the brokerage service.

Let’s look at a real example of tip and bank: Mario would like to place a bet on Inter winning the Milan derby. Mario goes to a Betting Exchange platform, selects the best odds, in this instance 2.00, and wagers EUR 20. Mario will receive EUR 40 (20×2.00) if Inter wins the final whistle. If AC Milan wins, he will lose the wager amount (EUR 20). This net profit is more than EUR 20 (EUR40 won – EUR20 played).

Paolo believes that it is more likely that Rossoneri will win the Madonnina Derby, given Milan’s recent form. Then he opens a Betting Exchange platform and decides to deposit EUR 20 for Inter’s win (offer the odds) at 2.00. This is equivalent to placing a bet against the Nerazzurri.

This is a double-odds bet. The player who banks win in both the event Inter loses and the event of a tie. Be conscious that you are responsible for your bank account. Inter’s win with odds of 2.00 has been banked EUR 20. If Inter loses, they will lose EUR 40 (20 EUR 20 x 2.00).

There are differences between betting exchange and betting

Let’s look at the key points that distinguish tip and bank bets from traditional ones.

Traditional betting is when a bookmaker offers a prediction on the likelihood of a sporting event taking place. A bettor predicts that the sporting event will take place places money. The bettor wins if the forecast is correct or loses his stake.

Betfair Exchange allows a bettor to play the role of a bookmaker or dealer. The player will propose odds for a sporting event and bet against that event. Other players can choose to play the “traditional” role and pick the odds offered by the dealer. They can then bet whatever amount they wish.

This allows the classic bettors to combine their bets with the odds offered by bankers. Combining banking with chances creates a meeting of supply and need in the odds market at the Betting Exchange.

Attention: Since this is an actual marketplace, it is almost like trading on bets in that it is just like trading on bets. If the odds are exaggerated, or the liquidity (i.e., liquidity) in that market is low, it is more likely the banks will not match the bets.

After deducting the commission to the Betting Exchange platform, the winning pointer or banker will receive the winning bet money.

Betting Exchange Strategy

After we have mastered the differences between traditional and back-and-forth bets, it is time to explore the different Betting Exchange strategies. Betting Exchange strategies are more complex because they require more experience. They often resemble financial trading strategies more so than traditional bets.

Therefore, it is essential to review all match statistics thoroughly. This point will allow you to determine the best time to place a bet or bank to maximize the Betting Exchange market share fluctuations.

Cash out

Cash-out allows you to withdraw your wager before the match ends. This feature can be used to increase your winnings or reduce your losses.

You can make Cash out using a variety of Betting Exchange methods. You can live bet on the team you favor when they lose. After the mark has been made, Cash Out can be used to collect your winnings without waiting for the actual end of the comeback.

You can also bet against the weaker team and cash out live before your favorite team takes the lead.


Scalping is a way to make small profits from betting on many sporting events and then banking on them. This will result in a more significant gain. This is the most popular betting exchange method for players.

It’s a Betting Exchange strategy that speculates on fluctuations in shares. This is very similar to techniques used in finance.

The stake that the player is willing to wager is first very high. The player then banks the same result if the odds fall. It is an efficient strategy for live betting.

It is essential to keep in mind that the time between lay and bet should be short.

The odds of winning will be very close to the actual value. To make a profit, you must place bets on many sporting events. This Betting Exchange method requires experience with data and money to bet.


Dutching is another popular strategy. It is based upon a method that uses unique Betting Exchange calculators. These calculators use a mathematical formula that divides the money you want on different results of sporting events. This reduces the chance of losing.

Dutching yields higher returns in markets with more betting options such as the “1st half-correct score” and “Final correct score.” However, the profit margin can also be reduced because the budget is divided across multiple events.

The Betting Exchange odds are still higher, so you can still make a profit with Dutching. While the Live Match Cash Out option allows you to cash out and change your Betting Exchange strategy at any time,

It is also essential to review all statistics about the various teams involved in this Betting Exchange strategy. This will allow you to determine the best results and apply them correctly, perhaps after some experience.

Quote for the Betting Exchange

Back-and-forth betting is very different from traditional betting. The main noticeable difference is that the odds on Betting Exchange are other and generally higher.

They are not offered by professional bookmakers but by players. The shares can also fluctuate in value, just like the stock exchange shares do over a day. But, they are close because they result from market laws and are not arbitrarily determined.

In reality, we will see more disparate odds when the event is distant. The gap between them will grow until the match is imminent. This will cause greater market interest and settle the odds to bring them closer to their fair value (fair value).

Italy’s tip-and-bank system

Punta e Banca is a term that bettors have adopted in Italy. It is relatively new to Italy’s sports betting, especially in comparison to the long history of the Anglo-Saxon world. However, it is still available on several betting sites, including Betfair. Certain restrictions are also included in the Italian law governing the Betting Exchange (Law Decree 47/2013). These limits are intended to protect players.

  • The minimum stake is EUR 0.50
  • The maximum payout is EUR 10,000
  • The maximum commission the Betting Exchange platform is allowed to request is 10%, although it is often lower at around 5/6%)
  • Back-and-forth betting is not allowed on multiple bets or betting systems.
  • Additionally, the Betting Exchange market in Italy is smaller than the traditional one and offers fewer options.

Methods of betting exchange

There are many betting exchange methods, each requiring more or less experience. Let’s look at some of the more simple ones.

Low bank and high tip

The bank must have the bet placed within the shortest time. It bets on a high-odds result and then banks the same effect on lower odds. The odds of winning will decrease slightly, but the profit will not be as great. This is why you need to use the Betting Exchange method for multiple sporting events while also using the Scalping strategy.

Exact method 1-1

Find a match where two equal teams are facing off. Make sure they have a similar ranking, form, and strong defenses. This is where betting on the correct outcome 1-1 can be a good Betting Exchange option. Cash Out is a great option: If the product is not as expected, or the teams score within a matter of minutes, Cash out early to get your money back.

0-0 draw method

After checking the stats, choose a match worth putting a 0-0 bet. It will then be possible to place the 0-0 at lower odds than the stake to guarantee a profit. We then keep the game alive until the odds of getting the 0-0 are gone.

Calculator for tip and bank

Although the tip and bank may appear complicated at first glance for those familiar with sports betting, many online tools can help you better understand the Betting Exchange odds so you can use them to your advantage.

These tools are comparable to the ones used by stock traders. They include Excel tables, betting, and bank calculator software. This permits you to estimate the quantity of money placed on each game and the best way to split them. Maximize profit

There is not one online Betting Exchange Calculator. You can find software on the internet specifically designed for strategies like Scalping or Dutching.

They allow you to view all statistics in detail and to understand which events are being analyzed, how many bets will be placed, what profits may be expected, and when the best time to place a bet or lay.

App for betting exchange

It is not common to have a tip and bank in Italy. Unfortunately, there are very few Betting Exchange platforms. Betfair is one of them. The same bookmaker invented this type and introduced it to our country.

Betfair allows you to place bets in Bet and Bank modes directly from your navigation browser. The interface has very intuitive graphics, which is a strong point for anyone who wants to use a more complex type of bet.

This app is different from the one for traditional sports betting and is specifically designed for those who prefer to bet only on back-and-forth. You can download the Betfair Betting Exchange app for iOS and Android from the Betfair website. Players can then download the Betting Exchange app on their smartphones from the site.